Divergence 100% Cannabis Oil 10% CBD 1000mg 10ml Pharmacy Standard


Canabidol CBD is powered by British Cannabis™, who’s chemists have developed the best-tasting, most premium CBD cannabis oil ever created.

Canabidol CBD refined oil is our most popular product, its been specifically created to accompany all the naturally occurring terpenes and cannabinoids, without the powerful earthy flavour of the cannabis plant.

The plant’s natural fats and waxes have been removed allowing for a smooth and pleasant CBD taste experience.

100% Cannabis sativa L.  |  Vegan Certified  |  THC Free


Divergence® – 100% Cannabis Oil 10% CBD 1000mg 10ml Pharmacy Standard

Canabidol CBD Oils

When buying Canabidol™ CBD, you can rest assured knowing that your oil is consistent, compliant and manufactured to the highest of standards. Our products are produced by highly skilled cannabis scientists in our very own laboratories based here in the United Kingdom and are officially packed within our state-of-the-art Cleanroom.

At British Cannabis we spent time and effort in researching and developing CBD, to bring you the very best CBD food supplements!

Developed for the pharmacy sector, Canabidol CBD products meet the exacting standards required by pharmacists for the retail sale of CBD. One of the longest standing brands in the UK, Canabidol CBD has spearheaded the industry with it our dedication to excellence, passion for compliance and commitment to getting things right.

Directions For Use

Drop oil using the pipette under your tongue. Keep the oil in your mouth for as long as possible to increase the bioavailability of CBD. Swallowing your oil instantly will reduce the bioavailability of CBD absorbed into your bloodstream.

Canabidol CBD Cannabis Oil 1000mg
Half a pipette (0.25ml) delivers 50mg CBD

Canabidol CBD Cannabis Oil 1000mg
Half a pipette (0.5ml) delivers 50mg CBD

Canabidol CBD Cannabis Oil 500mg
Half a pipette (0.5ml) delivers 25mg CBD

Canabidol CBD Cannabis Oil 250mg
Half a pipette (0.5ml) delivers 13mg CBD


What Strength is Best for Me?

Canabidol Cannabis  CBD Oil is available in three strengths; 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg and 2000mg. If you are new to CBD, we always suggest starting with the lowest CBD mg amount and working your way up depending on how your body responds. Listening to your body’s intuition is key!


Canabidol CBD Compliance

All Canabidol CBD supplements are labelled with a product batch code and best before date. Simply click here to enter your batch code, this will give you access to all the regulatory and compliance documents associated with your Canabidol CBD supplement, powered by British Cannabis™.

For the latest up-to-date information on compliance surrounding CBD, click here to visit the FSA’s (Food Standards Agency) advice on CBD. This product is sold as a food supplement and is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease – see MHRA’s guide to what is a medical product.


Divergence ® Powered by British Cannabis™

British Cannabis™ the largest producer, manufacturer and distributor of legal cannabis derived CBD food supplement products in the United Kingdom. We own and operate the largest cannabis extraction and purification facility in England and provide analytical testing, bulk extracts, white label CBD products to many UK market leading brands.

British Cannabis™ has successfully launched two of it’s own CBD retail brands; Canabidol™, which offer a variety of premium 100% Cannabis CBD food supplements, as well as a high-quality.


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